Apple – 2nd Most Common Fruit

Tied of OJ?  Fed up other so call “exotic” fruit juice with significantly higher price?  As the 2nd most popular fruit, and fruit juice, they can still provide you the goodness of fruit juice with reasonable price.

Like all other juices, it is also need to be chopped and squeeze and filter out the juice.  An apple consist of 80 to 90+% of water depends species.

The tree was originated from Central Asia and has been gathered and grown by human since the dawn of civilization.

Though by weight, the nutrients are not as concentrated compare to many other fruits, it is still good enough for our day to day life.

Apple juice is rich in

  1. Vitamin C, A, E, K
  2. Polyphenol and Flavonoids
  3. Phosphorus
  4. folates
  5. Pyridoxine
  6. Riboflavin
  7. Electrolytes – Sodium and potassium
  8. Calcium and Magnesium
  9. Iron
  10. Dietary fibre and many more

Some of the many benefits of apple juice include

  1. Maintain healthy heart – there are great amount of superb antioxidants – flavonoids and polyphenol in apple.  There are also potassium and many other minerals.  All these are important for our heart.
  2. Prevent asthma – beside good for the heart, flavonoids also help in maintaining strong lung which directly help in preventing asthma attack. 
  3. Help cleanses the liver – apple juice are good alkali that give great help to cleans waste and toxin from our liver and also help to maintain our body’s pH balance.
  4. Help lower cholesterol
  5. Make stronger and healthier bones – with the calcium, vitamin C, it help us to build, maintain a stronger bone structure to support our body
  6. Improve immune system – Also with the vitamin C, along with other nutrients, apple juice can help to us to fight off diseases.
  7. Prevent cancer – phenolic acids and Flavonoids in apple juice have been proven effective to prevent cancer and growth of tumors, especially for lung cancer.
  8. Help relieve from constipation – the soluble dietary fibre in apple juice can help to make softer stool which is a great help for those who have problem going to toilet.
  9. Help in treating skin and hair related problem – with its complete nutrients, apple juice is also a great help in maintaining healthy skin and hair.  It eases skin itching, inflammation, and cracks.  It even can delay wrinkles due to age.
  10. improves eye health – apple juice is also a good source of vitamin A that is essential for maintaining healthy eyes and good vision.

However, we will also need to be cautious.

  1. Overdose of pesticide – one will need to read and understand the labels where are their fruits originated from.  Certain countries may have a better control on the use of pesticide which in turn would provide a better and safer product.
  2. High content of sugar level – although apple juice is a good source of nutrients, it also contains lots of sugar, naturally.  For an 8-ounce unsweetened juice, it has about 6 teaspoon(25 grams) of sugar.
  3. E. coli – for working mothers, home make juices are luxury.  While unpasteurized juices, there is often a risk from harmful bacteria.  But pasteurized juices have lost quite a bit of their critical nutrients, including their enzymes, electrolytes, and some of their vitamins. 

Thus, we all will need to choose wisely what is suitable for us.