Bitter Gourd – Bitter is Good for Your Heart

Do you ever feel very uncomfortable internally or heaty and you want to detoxify your body?  Bitter gourd juice is the one.  Yes, it is bitter but it is very good for your heart and detox your body.

The plant is originated from tropical region of India and was introduced to China more than 600 years ago.  The vegetable is not only highly treasured in China and India, but also in Africa and southeastern US as well for its medical benefits.  Today, it is widely cultivated in the tropical and sub-tropical region of China, India, Southeast Asia, Caribbean and South America.

Bitter gourd has high amount of beta-carotene which can be easily converted into vitamin A in our body.  It also has anti-cancer properties.  Besides, it also has reasonably high amount of plant protein, dietary fiber, vitamin C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, selenium, copper, Manganese and zinc.

The benefits of bitter gourd includes,

  1. Minimize diabetes affect – it contains chemical substances called charantin and lectin that can help to lower the blood sugar level.  Research has shown that it is 1 of the most effective foods against diabetes.
  2. Help protect heart – its potassium and folates will help to lower significantly lower the triglyceride and LDL cholesterols in our body thus ease the work load of our heart.
  3. Nourishes our skin – with its vitamin A and C, it helps to cleanse our blood thus minimize pimples, acne and other skin related problems.  It can even further reduce the chance of having skin infections, psoriasis and eczema.
  4. Help reducing weight loss – it has less calories compare with many other fruit or vegetable.  And it still provide us lots of nutrients and fiber needed.  Thus it indirectly help on weight loss.
  5. Protect eye sight – with it rich source of beta-carotene.  It can help to maintain good eye sight.  Regular intake of bitter gourd for children can delay or even prevent them from wearing glasses.
  6. Minimize risk of cancer – the alpha-eleostearic acid in the bitter gourd helps to kill cancerous cells thus reduce our chance of getting cancer.  Research shows that it is most effective for fighting breast cancer.
  7. Reduce respiratory diseases – mixing bitter gourd juice with honey and water can help to lower the bad effects from asthma and bronchitis.
  8. Prevent constipation – with its high dietary fiber, it is to help to prevent constipation.
  9. Other benefits from bitter gourd includes:
    • relief of Alzheimer’s Disease
    • improve immune system, its anti-microbial components help to resist many infections
    • anti-malaria, anti-helminthic and anti-viral effect
    • surprisingly found to have components against HIV infection
    • helps to cleanse liver especially after a drinking party
    • can elevate energy level or stamina level in our body

In fact, it is the bitter component of the vegetable that contain all the goodness.  It is a no-no to slice the bitter gourd and wash away the bitter taste with salt before putting it into the juicer.  We will lose all its goodness.