Chocolate –The Temptation

Are you always on the run?

Are you always not having enough time to prepare your meals, or even don’t have time to go out to café or restaurants’ take out counters which is just a few blocks away?

You just need a bit more time to complete your work, assignment, or house chores.

At this moment, coffee can no longer help as it is not just the thirst you need to crunch, it is the hunger you need to tame.

It will be good if you always have several packs of chocolate drink mix in your drawer.  That will at least get you moving for a while to complete your assignments, or even ease you into your beauty sleep.

This is not a meal replacement.  It only give you a bit more time and energy so that you can complete your work.  You should still go and take your normal meal later.

Also, you need to beware that for British, there are differences between cocoa drinks and chocolate drinks.  Cocoa drink is a drink that make from packed cocoa powder that mix with water.  Chocolate drink is a drink that literally melt a chocolate bar into a cup of hot water.  For North American, there is no difference.

Besides giving you a bit more energy, there are also some goodness in it.  Chocolate itself has been proven by many labs has substances like antioxidants, flavanol, and dentate gyrus.

There is 1test conducted for 8 week.  Participants who drink cocoa products with high and mid-range of flavanol content can produce a significantly better result on the following

  1. Trail-making tests
  2. Verbal fluency scores

Beside the positive effect on brain, the test has also show significantly reduce in

  • Insulin resistance
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood glucose
  • Lipid peroxidation level

Cocoa with high and mid-range flavanol comes from 70% or higher pure chocolate.

There is another lab test by Columbia University Medical Center in New York, NY on cocoa drinks has shown that it improves human memory in long run.

In antioxidants level, Cocoa also said to have 2 times more of compare to red wine and remarkably 6 times more compare to green tea.  There are some even said its antioxidant level is higher than apple.

I believe I don’t have to further explain how good antioxidants is to our health.  A cocoa drink daily is a much better option for keeping us from aging.

It was tested that there is caffeine in the cocoa seeds as well but it is much lower compare to coffee.  People who love cocoa even say it is a more effective way to stay awake after lunch compare to a cup of coffee.

There are many variety of cocoa drinks which pack with other goodness and flavors, each comes with combine benefits that will greatly, positively impact on our health.  To really obtain a positive impact on our health, select the cocoa drinks with higher percentage of cocoa powder.  We need to avoid high sugar and high creamer although they may taste much, much better.

The market is packed with choices of chocolate drinks, do consider the notes above look for your favorites.