Coconut Water – Life Savor from Nature

Tired of taking sport drinks?  There is another alternative, coconut water.

This is the only fruit juice that you do not need a juicer to extract it out from the fruit.  Though, you still need a knife or hard object to tear open the fiber coating and then crack open the hard shell to get to the coconut water. 

Of course, now you don’t have to crack anything.  It is easily available in many online shop or supermarket and canned of packed drinks.

It is biologically pure, and able to be absorbed into the body directly as blood plasma replacement.  It does not even need further sterilization.

For normal person like us, it is a tasty replacement to water and a great thirst quencher.  It is also full of variety of nutrients and has been considered as isotonic drink from nature.

Coconut water naturally contains 5 types of important electrolytes.  They are calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and sodium.  These are all present in our body.  Thus it is also suitable to those who have various medical conditions.

There are several of benefits in the coconut water as listed below:

  1. Help in slimming efforts – It has very low content of fat and it is able to suppress your appetite due to its richness of nutrients.
  2. Beautify skin, hair and nails – Also due to the richness of nutrients, it helps the skin, hair and nails.  Some drinkers experienced those brown spots on their skin were fading away and moles, skin tags, or warts were drying up and even disappearing.  This is why you can also find some coconut extract in some cosmetic products like shampoos, skin or hair lotions, conditioners and creams.
  3. Great for recovery from hangover – this is definitely a good fluid replacement if you have gone through frequent urination and throw ups after a wild drinking party.  You will find that after drinking coconut water, you are able to recover much faster than you used to be.
  4. In a folk medicine practice, coconut water is also used as the treatment of diarrhea, yet another fluid replacement practice.
  5. Smoothen digestion process – as it contain soluble fiber and antacid, you are able to minimize the acid reflux and smoothen the digestion process and has a refreshing effect on intestines.
  6. In some rare cases, for some regular drinkers, it was found to be able to improve vision for some with weaker eye sight and some old folks.
  7. Cleanse the liver – in Chinese medicine, liver connects to skin, joints and eyes.  Thus, cleansing liver will have connecting effect on the health on skin(2), joints and eyes(6).
  8. Improve health on endocrine system – women will find that they will have timely and cleaner menstrual periods.
  9. Improve hydration – this is no doubt as it is water that packed with nutrients and natural electrolytes.
  10. Lower blood pressure – there is 1 type of high blood pressure which is due to the unbalanced level of electrolytes.  As coconut water contains a well-balanced of all, it actually able to help to lower the blood pressure.  Thus, doctors would recommend to drink coconut water every morning for those who have this type of high blood pressure.
  11. Compatible to human blood – during World War II, coconut water was used for intravenous infusion where saline could not be obtained.

Although coconut water is packed with goodness, it is should be treated only as a complement to normal drinking water.  For every 8 ounces coconut water, it still carries 45 to 60 calories.   Else, we will be storing up the calories as fat.