Drink for Our Life

Do you have time to prepare your own healthy drinks? Aren’t we always on the run?  There are many times we don’t even have the time to put the tap water into the kettle to boil it, right?

On the 1st day of our life, we did not start eating but just start drinking.  Whether it is the 1st milk from our mother’s breast, or the best formula recommended from the doctor, it has be in the liquid form.  It has to be able to be absorbed by our body and make us grow taller and stronger each day.

When we are small, we have to drink milk and water to gain all the nutrients needed to grow and stay hydrated to keep us alive. 

As our civilization progresses and society becomes more and more complex, we can almost choose and decide everything around us, especially food and beverages.  But we still need to keep in mind that whatever we choose has to be beneficial for our body and suitable for our lifestyles.

Thus, we should decide on something that can give us health rather than just pleasure.  There are always many elements that will lure us into just having more pleasure.  We need to discipline ourselves to select the right products so that we can stay healthy which in future can bring more happiness ourselves and to the people we love.

I have published some write ups for your reference and will continue update my website from time to time.  Do feel free to go through them and give your comments.  My write ups cover different categories as below:

  1. Fruit Juices
  2. Vegetable Juices
  3. Tea and Herbal drinks
  4. Others
  5. Chocolate drinks
  6. Coffee

I have tried my best to gather all the pros and cons for the above types of drinks.  You might have heard or read some of them somewhere else.  I hope they still can refresh some of your memories and help you make a wise decision.  I will further add when I found more interesting content to write.

Please note that I am not in any where sponsored or paid by any company or organization to promote any type drinks.  I am just someone who found a way to live my life happily.

Besides the types of drinks, we also need to look into the quality of the products.  Certain brands may carry a higher quality but with higher prices.  If we have a budget constraint, then maybe we can look into a cheaper alternative but still need to study the comments from others.  Though those comments are mainly personal, at least they can be a reference before we finalize our choice.

Yes, you may use the content in this website as a reference for your everyday life.  But no one but yourself is responsible for your own health.

Please go through the write ups we have to make the right selection for our youth, our health and our happiness.