Grapefruit – An Oversize Orange? Better.

Grapefruit, with the scientific name of Citrus maxima (Burm) Merr., is a citrus tree of Rutidido.  It is also being known as Pomelo.  The tree’s tender branches, the back of the leaves, the pedicels, the calyx and the ovary are cover to a layer of soft fur. The young leaves are usually dark purple red in color, and the twigs are flat and prismatic. The leave is relatively thicker, dark green in color, broadly ovate or elliptic in shape. Flower bud is purple red in color, with a thin brand of milky white.  The fruit is round, oblate, pear in shape; sometime it is broad cone in shape. The fruit has a size with a transverse diameter of 10 cm or more.  There could be 200 grains of seeds in it but subspecies maybe without seeds. The shape of the seed is irregular, usually nearly rectangular, and cotyledons are milky white and single embryo.  The flowering period is in April and May while the fruiting period is September to December months.

Besides the western countries, the plants usually grow at the south of Yangtze River in China, in the areas of Xinyang and Nanyang, Henan province. It is found in the countries in Southeast Asia.

The flesh contains high amount of vitamin C. It is a natural antacid and also can help to relieve from alcohol hangover.  Grapefruit also contains sugar, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin P, carotene, potassium, phosphorus, citric acid and so on. The main ingredients of pomelo peel are naringin and new hesperidin, and the pomelo seed contains fatty oil, cortex phellodendrone, and Phellodendron. Grapefruit is rich in nutrition, every 100 grams of edible parts, there is 84.8 grams of water, 0.7 grams of protein, 0.6 grams fat, 12.2 grams carbohydrates and 57k calories, 0.8 grams of crude fiber, 41 mg of calcium, phosphorus 43 mg, iron 0.9 mg, 0.12 mg carotene, sulfate 0.07 mg, 0.02 mg, riboflavin niacin 0.5 mg, 41 mg ascorbic acid.

It is found that its vitamin C and calcium content are much higher compare to many other fruits. Vitamin C is 3 times higher than lemon and orange and the calcium content is even 10 times higher than apple, pear, banana and many other fruits. 

Some of the major benefits from grapefruits are:

  1. As 1 of the best fruits for cardiovascular and kidney disease patients
  2. Contains natural insulin which help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and further prevent stroke
  3. It also can help to lower the blood sugar thus it is good for diabetic patients
  4. With its high contain in vitamin C and B complex, it helps in body slimming.  This is burning the body and reduce one’s urge to eat more.
  5. It also can help in restoring skin tissue and strengthen skin pores
  6. With its high content of nutrients, it is said to be able to prevent stomach and intestine cancer.

Though with so many goodness, pregnant mother should avoid eating this too much due to its cooling effect.