Jasmine Tea – Tea with Exotic and Relaxing Scent

Do you ever feel at times, tea alone is still not enough?  You want something more relaxing, something that can take you further?

Please do not under estimate the flavor from the flower.  It is in fact the most popular scented tea in China.  It can be added into white tea or black tea but adding into green tea has been a more popular choice.

Unlike normal plant, jasmine flower actually blooms at night with a strong smell.  Although the plant was originated from Persia, it has been introduced to China about 2000 years ago via India.  Jasmine tea was more for upper class society in China since 1500 years ago and was only made popular to all walks of people about 500 years ago.  During that time, it had also started to export the scented tea to the West in large quantity.

Besides the aroma, jasmine also enrich the antioxidants in tea; there are polyphenol which is a type of anti-cancer properties, and antibacterial property in it as well.

With the combination of tea and jasmine, it gives us the list of benefits below,

  1. Promote weight loss – as the tea has the sweet scent, thus we do not need to add sugar or honey in it.  And together with antioxidants and caffeine, it increases the metabolism rate and our body can absorb nutrients more efficiently and burn fat easier.
  2. Antibacterial effect – there are studies confirm that it can kill Escherichia coli, which will remain in our food if we don’t handle our food properly.  Jasmine tea will also soothe our coughs, common cold and throat infections.
  3. Anti-cancer effect – jasmine tea contains polyphenol, which is a type of anti-cancer properties.  This property can help us prevent various type of cancers, like breast, ovarian, prostate, bladder, lung, pancreases, intestine, skin, stomach and intestinal cancers.  Besides cancer, with large amount jasmine tea intake, it will reduce our chance of getting liver disease.
  4. Help to stay focus – with the flower’s scent, it help to tune our mind to more alert and focus but not tense.
  5. Relief in joint pain – with tea’s anti-inflammatory properties, it helps to soothe the effect of arthritis and rheumatism of the elders.
  6. Help to fight diabetes – long term consumption of jasmine tea will help to soothe the effect of diabetes and even help to recover from the deathly disease.
  7. Stress relief – as stated earlier, the aroma of jasmine can help us to feel relax.  And by feeling relax, it helps us to lower our heart beat and calm our mood.  When we can maintain this for a long time, it will indirectly help us to lower our chances of getting heart and other related diseases.  With that, it will also help calm our mental condition and prevent postnatal depression and irregular menopause.

As jasmine can mix with different types of tea, do be mindful to follow the brewing temperature and method the particular tea.  For example, if it mixes with green tea, then we should follow the brewing process of green tea which is at a lower temperature.