Lemon Grass – Not Only a Good Spice, Also a Good Insect Repellent

Citronella is one of the 55 species of aromatic plants in the family Gramineae.  Because it smells like lemon, it is more commonly called lemon grass.  It has an outstanding effect in treating rheumatism, migraine, infection, improve digestion, remove odor, and even repel insects.  It gives the body a sense of freshness, restoring balance of body and mind, especially during the recovery of illness.  It is the most widely used as essential oil in aromatherapy and medical treatment and as indoor fragrance agent.

The scientific name of lemon grass is Mosla chinensis Maxim.  It looks like common weeds and grows in dense cluster and slowly expand outwards.  It can be up to 2 meters high, with white wax powder below nodes. Leaf is long, from 30 to 90 centimeters long and 5 to 15 millimeters wide, apex long acuminate, smooth or rough edge.

Lemon grass tastes like combination of fruits and lavender, it is a bit spicy.  It is a very common spice used in the traditional food in southern and southeast of Asia countries.  Dishes like curry from India and Tongyam of Thailand use a lot of lemon grass.  Chinese also uses this a lot for dishes that made for mothers who have just given birth.   It has proven that it that it helps mothers to recover much faster from post-natal condition. 

Lemon grass can also be mixed tea leaves or other herbs for drinking.  It helps patients feel better and recover from illness.

Lemon is mainly planted and exported from Madagascar, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and the Java island of Indonesia.  Java produces a better quality compare to others and has been widely commercialized at the start of 21st century.

The source is stable and prices have only doubled in the past 96 years.

Its aroma can repel mosquitoes, fleas, and even use in hospital ward to repel or kill bacteria.

When mixes with orange flower and bergamot, it can help to soften the skin.

Besides as food spice and tea, when it is made into essential oil, It can well mix with other essential oils like bergamot, eucalyptus, lavender, geranium, mint, Petitgrain, sage and cananga.

The aroma that releases from the lemon grass essential oil can help to calm down a depress mood and feel relax.  It is like being outdoor in the grass field.

The most important characteristic of lemon grass is its ability to repel insects, thus it is often used as incense or for spaying, or it can also help to get rid of the fleas from dog and cat.

Its smell also can calm the mind, relieve headache, migraine and neuralgia.

It also can act as deodorization and stimulant, which can make tired and sweaty feet become fresh and lively.

Lemon grass is quite well known as anthelmintic essential oils, which is harmless to humans and has present smell to human. It is highly recommended to be used as indoor incense repellents to expel flea parasite from pets.

By repel insects like mosquitos, ants other insects from home, babies will be able avoid insect bites.  This is 1 of the reasons for them to wake up and cry at night.  Furthermore, the smell also able to help calm them down.