Milk – 1st Food in Our Life

Milk – 1st Food in Our Life

The Beginning.

What is the most common, most nutritious and the easiest food for children?  We all must admit, fresh milk is the 1st thing that put in our mouth after we were born. 

The best milk is from the baby’s mother but there are many unforeseen reasons, milk from cow is the 2nd source as it is the most easily available.  Also, cow has been domesticated since the dawn of human civilization.

It has no doubt become part of our civilization.  There are already so many milk related products created from cow milk.  There are countries, regions have their own unique milk products which represent their cultures and they are proud of that.

The Benefits.

  1. Growing up normally and healthily – As a nutritionally almost complete and well balanced food, it keeps us and our offspring healthy and live normally.
  2. Bones and teeth – with the rich calcium in it, our bones and teeth able to stay strong as we age.
  3. Glowing and moisturized Skin – Protein and other nutrients keep our skin healthy and firm.
  4. Natural antacid – if we have stomach upset or mild gastric.  Milk is the rescue but have it with cookies, bread or other food.
  5. Good for women fertility – want to have baby?  Please drink fresh milk daily.  Men should drink together too.
  6. Rebuilds muscles – because of the 9g protein and other necessary nutrients in every glass of it, milk provides the extra source for rebuilding the muscle and other organ cells that age due to metabolism.  Also, it helps to build antibody that keep us away from sickness  
  7. Aids in Weight Loss – you can drink 2 glasses of trimmed fresh milk as a meal replacement.  This still provide you the necessary nutrients with less fat.  This is able to suppress your hunger for a long time.
  8. Lowers Diabetes Risk – with the combination of effects found in calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, milk helps to reduce type 2 diabetes’ risk.  Milk also contains low glycemic index, that will help you to lower your blood sugar levels.
  9. Natural Shield from Cancer – Fresh Milk contains high amount of calcium and conjugated Linoleic Acid that can help to protect colon from developing cancer.  There is also a study shows that those who drink 1.5 glasses of milk has 35% less chances of getting breast cancer.
  10. Helps Reduce Stress – Vitamin D in Milk helps in production of Serotonin, which is a hormone related with mood, appetite and sleep.
  11. improves Cardiovascular Health – there were a few studies show that if you drink 3 glasses of milk daily, together with vegetables and fruits, you are able to lower high blood pressure, for adults, as well as children.  This is due to the fact that milk has less sodium and high in potassium, which help to regulate healthy blood pressure.
  12. Crunch your thirst with Milk – more than 90% of milk is water.  Thus, besides water and sport drinks, you can drink milk to replenish loss fluids and energy.
  13. For Better Vision – Yes, milk has reasonably high levels of Vitamin A and B complex.  Besides drinking it, you can soak 2 cotton ball with milk and put them on both your eyelids.  This will hydrate your dry skin and reducing your eye swelling, it is 1 of the best home remedies for dark eye circles.

The Controversial.

It has been proven that milk is packed with complete and balanced nutrients, all the way from full list of bodily needed protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals.

There are many different researches conducted by many different groups.  Many of them endorse milk as part of the daily food but there are as many against it.  Anyway, milk has successful claimed its position in the kitchen of western world.

Statistic states that 2 to 3% of children below 3 year old have milk allergy.  Recent study states that only 20% of them will outgrow their milk allergy by 4 years old and the other 80% will only outgrow their allergy by 16 years old.  For Asian descendants, these statistic could be higher as this is not their traditional food.

Do watch out for symptoms like stomach upset, hives, vomiting, infant with bloody stools.  In a rare occasion, the victims may even have a life-threatening, violent reaction which cause them to stop breathing and their body will be in a state of shock.

Do refer to an allergist when there are some of the symptoms observed.

Although there is a saying of milk can help you to sleep, it has not been scientifically proven yet.

Best Way to Drink Milk.

With all the necessary enzymes in it, these enzymes help us to absorb the nutrients into our body.  Thus, fresh milk is definitely the best choice. If not available, pasteurized milk can be the 2nd choice.   Paper packed milk drink is convenient if you are traveling or camping at the wild.

Milk should be drank after meal.  Empty stomach could not absorb the nutrients and could even hurt our stomach.  It should be taken at least with a snack like a piece of pie, cake, bread, cookies, …

Milk can be drank 250 to 500 milliliter daily but do not drink more than 250 milliliter at 1 go.  Break it to several different timing of the day.

It is better to drink fresh milk when it is at 20 to 30 degree Celsius.  Try not to drink it when it is just out of the fridge.

If you need to heat up the milk, Do Not heat it higher than 60 degree Celsius.  Else, not only all the enzyme will be will destroy, all the nutrients will be greatly depleted.  By the time it hit 60 degree, most of the bad bacteria would have been killed.

Also, please do not use copper ware.  This way will accelerate the loss of nutrients in it.

If it smell sour, it should be thrown away.  If you want yogurt, better leave it to the experts to make for you.  We are not sure if there is any air pollutant at our home environment.

The Variety.

There are variety of milk.  Besides from cow, there are milks from goat, horse and even human.  They are formulated for general and specific needs.

There are studies that recommend goat milk for old folks, babies and even for people who are recovering from sickness or injuries. Goat milk has higher amount in some fatty acid that can help patients to recover.

Goat milk also has much less amount allergenic compound compare to cow milk.

Beside fresh milk, there are also yogurt and milk formulated in powder form for ease of carrying.

Also, there are milks that added with chocolate and other fruit flavor.  This is not just to add additional taste, it also added the goodness of the fruits or food into the milk.

As mentioned earlier, there are so many flavors of milk in the market, some with added nutrients, or special formulated for babies and different age groups, or even for special health condition.  Do consider your own health condition and requirements and choose them wisely.