Orange Juices – The Most Popular Fruit Juice

Do you ever feel, when doing your grocery, you don’t what fruit juice to choose anymore?  Why not just go back to the fresh orange juice.

Orange is the most popular and most common fruit and fruit juice compare to others.  In 2014, Orange contributed 38.8% of fruit production in Europe.  Though by volume it may not be most nutritious fruit, it is also the cheapest.  Thus, by cost, it is still a good choice.

Oranges have been considered as one of the staple fruit from the beginning of human civilization.  It was possibly originated from Southeast Asia.  It was recorded in China history since 4,500 years ago.  There are many different varieties, from the ever popular sweet oranges to mandarin oranges, blood oranges, bitter oranges and many more.

Orange is packed with many nutrients includes vitamin C and A, folate, potassium, thiamin, protein, magnesium, copper, flavonoids, hesperidin and many more.

The benefits of oranges juice are as below:-

  1. Boost our immune system
  2. Reduce “bad” cholesterol and blood pressure, thus help in preventing heart related problems
  3. You can even drink with empty stomach, it can help to improve digestive system’s movement with detoxifying effect.  If you drink fresh orange juice in between meals, it can even help to lessen the excess gastric acid.
  4. Orange juice and also help to neutralize our acidic body and clean your blood and prevent the formation of kidney stones
  5. Help lower the chance of obesity
  6. Slowdown aging with its anti-oxidants
  7. It will ease absorption of iron when we take meat with orange juice.  Thus it is important for those who have anemia to drink it daily.
  8. Though it is not 1 of the building block for collagen, vitamin C is still an important factor during the creation for collagen.  This is a vital component to keep our skin and other tissue healthy.
  9. For Type II Diabetes patients, pure fresh orange juice can be recommended as it has diuretic properties and less sugar compare to other fruit juices.  The vitamin C in it can also help this type of patients to lower their risk from infections, easier to form scars and minimize visual problems
  10. The vitamin C in it able to help to prevent cancer.
  11. Magnesium, potassium and vitamin C are some of the anti-stress nutrients.  Thus, drinking it daily will help to reduce stress effect on your bodies.

Like any other foods, you should not take much.  This is to avoid indigestion and allergic.  you need to understand your own bodies and know how much is too much.

You should look for fresh, pure orange juice.  Need to avoid frozen, canned and concentrate juices.  During the process, nutrients have been lost, destroyed.  Furthermore, sugar, chemicals have been added to enhance the taste. 

Also, pasteurized juices should be avoided as well because not only nutrients, enzymes also has been destroyed.  The antioxidant properties, vitamin C has been demolished until minimum.  Though manufacturers add back vitamin C, those are synthetic vitamin C which are much less effective.

To maximize the benefits gain, fresh, pure, refrigerate juices should be the only selection.  If it is really that hard to find the fresh orange juice, then get a juicer and do it yourselves.