Passion Fruit – Not Only with Passion, Also with Fragrance and Nutrition

Passion fruit, is a type of vine, like grape.  A mature passion fruit vine can grow up to about 6 meters long.  Its stems comes with thin stripes.  Fruit is in round shape, diameter about 3 to 5 cm with very smooth surface. Florescence period is in June and fruiting period is in November.

The fruit is originated from the Islands of the Antilles in Central America.  It grows in areas between 180 to 1900 meters above sea level in the valley jungle. It is now widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions in many countries around the world. In China, passion fruit is cultivated in Guangdong, Hainan, Fujian, Yunnan, and also in Taiwan.

There are two main species of passion fruit, which yellow and purple fruit. The plant lifespan is about 20 years, and the productive lifespan is generally 8 to 10 years.

In China, passion fruit is commonly called as “hundred fragrant fruit” because of it nice smell, “egg fruit” due to its shape and “king of all juices” due to its unique taste.  There are two varieties or passion fruit, yellow and purple.  The differences between the two colors are:

The yellow species is bright yellow when ripe, the fruit shape is larger, round, star shaped spots are obvious, and the average fruit weight is 80-100 grams. The juice content is also higher, up to 45%.   As it is more acidic, it is more for industry use or make into puree instead of eating it raw.

Whereas purple fruit shape is smaller, egg shaped, star spots is not that obvious, weight only between 40 to 60 grams, but with stronger fruit flavor, sweeter, but the juice content is lower, only with an average of 30%.  As it is less acidic, it is tastier and nice to eat it raw or mix fruit juice.

Passion fruit is also a very many nutritious fruit.  It contains 17 kinds of amino acids, rich in protein, fat, sugar, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, SOD enzymes and super fiber and 165 other kinds of found beneficial substances on the human body.

With so much nutritional components, it comes with abundant of benefits including some major one below:

  1. Improve immune system – helpful in physical development and growth for children and babies;
  2. With its super fiber which is excellent for detoxification, and will not have any damage to the intestinal wall.  It can enhance digestion and absorption function,
  3. Inhibit the growth of microorganism in the digestive tract and improve bowel movement to help one relief of constipation;
  4. Help in beauty, it has a well balance nutrition, thus it will reduce the urge for one to eat more and achieve the weight loss target.
  5. Help clearing throat and soothing cough
  6. Passion fruit is naturally sedative and make one feel more relax and help one to sleep better
  7. Relieving one from joint pain muscle cramp.  Red Indians consider this is their best tranquilizer.
  8. Relieve from mild high blood pressure
  9. Slowdown the effect of aging
  10. It contains lycopene that can help to remove free radicals to prevent formation of cancer cells.