Protein – Building Block of Life

What are we build from?

Protein.  No doubt about that, besides water, our whole body is literally built with protein.  Even our bone is a combination of majority protein and calcium, and of course, with very low volume of a few other minerals. 

Not only that, except for our heart and brain, all our other body cells replace themselves with the new cell from time to time so that they are able to keep up with our daily life.  We will need plenty of protein to do this.  But how much?

There are many researches from many institutes presented many different results.  Averagely, we will need at least 1.2 gram of protein for every Kilogram of weight in our body.  If we exercise a lot, or with high volume of activity in our daily life, beside carbohydrate, we will also need additional protein intake that may reach 1.7 gram daily.

Yes, we have many foods with plenty of protein and other nutrients.  But are we practicing right eating habits with the right food and drinks selection for our body?

Our Life Styles

There we are, always on the run.  How many times in a week that we sit down for a proper meal?  We have a family, our career, and our kids to take care of.  Time is always running out.

Make a change

As there are plenty of not-so-healthy food outside, it is better that we prepare our own meals.  It is also a good way to save money.  If we always go to a good restaurants for a good meal, it will definitely burn a big hole in our pockets.

That’s why meal replacement drinks can come in handy.  A glass of well-balanced protein drink with a bowl of easily prepared salad.  That will get you going for the rest of the day and you will also achieve your target in your weight loss plan.

We can’t just go the fast food stores every time.  There are many researches stating that the fast foods do not carry the right combination of nutrients for our normal life styles.

Are we able to cook everyday for our love ones?  At times, they also don’t have the time to sit down for a hearty meal.  As such, a good, nutritious meal replacement drink becomes the only right option. 

What we should do?

We are taking different food daily.  Although it is not practical to carry a calculator and a food chart to count our food intake, we still should know roughly what we taken.  At the end of the day, or at least on the next day, we replenish the nutrients and protein to ensure our body able to keep up with our daily life.

There are so many variety of protein and meal replacement drink for us to select in the market.  Do select wisely as many of them are make for many different purposes.  Besides for general purpose, there are protein drinks for intensive workout, different types for patients and for people with special needs.