Sport Drinks & Energy Drinks

Sport drink is for the body and muscle.  Energy drink is for the brain.  Let’s talk about sport drink 1st.

Sport Drinks – Recovery after Workout

Do you know when you sweat, you are not just releasing water from your body?  When you sweat, you are also releasing the minerals and electrolytes together with body toxin.

Sport drinks is one of the great way of replenishing all these lost minerals and electrolyte in the body.  This is even more significant when you are exercising intensely for more than 1 hour.  You will need to replenish your lost minerals and electrolyte to reduce your chance of having muscle fatigue, cramp and dehydration.

When you exercise intensely, especially participating in competition or racing, it is easy to forget to drink.  This will cause injury and impair your performance.  You need to keep on reminding yourself to drink before, during and after your exercises.

Water is good to keep our body from dehydration but sport drinks are more superior for maintaining or even increasing performance.  As stated above, when we sweat, beside water and toxic, we also releases minerals and electrolyte that keep our bodies’ PH balance.

It is true that certain sport drinks may contain more than needed minerals and electrolyte.  We will need to choose wisely.  There is also another option which we can dilute sport drinks with mineral waters in a ratio of 1 : 1 in volume.  The mixture will help to dilute the higher content of sugar solution and maintain hydration, minerals and electrolyte.

In case you have a muscle cramp, you will need to drink extra sport drinks as this is a sign that your body is seriously lack in electrolytes.

Our body consists more than 70% of water. Whether we are exercising or just resting, we will need to maintain ratio.

Also, intense sports like triathlon, football, soccer, tennis, weight lifting will consume lots of energy, electrolyte, and let you perspire.  You will need to be extra cautious in keeping the body fluid balance in your body.

There are many good choices of sport drinks in the market, please think about your own needs to pick the one suitable to you.

Energy Drinks – Recovery from Tiredness

After a few days of long hour research, you are already into your last stage of project paper.  You just need to complete the conclusion on your project paper then you are done.  But, your brain is just cannot think further and tomorrow is the due date.

Energy drinks can really help to give you a boost so that you can complete your paper, or let you drive the last few miles to home. 

And that’s all.  After you have completed what you need to do, you must remember to your brain and your body the rest needed.  And you are NOT allow to do this frequently.  You must NOT always depend on this.  Proper plan and enough rest are the right and healthy way live and live longer.