Tea – 5000-year-old Detox Drink from China

Still wondering what drinks to take to detoxify your body?  Look no further.  Tea is the one.

What is so great about tea?  All the tea leaves have some specific enzymes that can generate oxidation reaction.  This is why the green color tea leaves able to turn to deep black color.

The scientific name of the plant is called Camellia Sinensis.  There are many varieties carrying many distinct flavors.  They need to be harvest at different timing and brew in different method and even different temperature of hot water to get the best out of them.

Tea leaves also contain caffeine but it is much lower than coffee.  Tea drinkers who want to minimize caffeine intake still can get antioxidants by drinking decaffeinate tea.  The carbon-dioxide-and-water decaffeination process should be used instead of chemical solvents like ethyl acetate and methyl chloride.  These chemicals reduce the antioxidant content and even the taste and aroma from the tea leaves.

There are many types of tea.  The more popular one in western market are:-

  1. Black Tea – this tea is the most popular and it carries the strongest flavor and darkest color.  The leaves are left fermented for a few hours and then go for heating and drying.  The process darkens its color and increases the caffeine amount.
  2. Oolong – this tea is only half fermented as it is dried and packed in less than 1 hour.  The leave color is red or brown.  The tea carries a flowery or fruity taste.  It is not recommended to add sugar, milk or lemon as it will smear the distinct flavor in the tea.
  3. Green Tea – the leaves are picked and rolled, and dried within minutes, while the leaves are still freshly green.  Thus this type of tea carries the garden sense when you brew it with hot water.
  4. White Tea – this is very rare as it only comes from the specific few types of tea plant and only pick the buds in very early morning of the day.  Thus its caffeine amount is low and even carries a mild sweet taste.
  5. Herbal Tea – these are tea that mixed with other variety of flowers, roots, fruit peels, and other type types of herbs that produce many distinct flavors that would give many different possible effect physically and mentally.  Examples are jasmine tea, ginger tea, and many more.
  6. Blends – mainly mixing of leave from different types of tea plants and different types of flavoring plant.  The focus here is more on the flavor and taste, rather than the medical or mental effect.  Example are like Earl Grey, English Breakfast and other Western tea blends.

Tea drinking carries some of the main health benefits as below:

High anti oxidation effect – especially in green tea, the antioxidants are 100 times better than Vitamin C and 25 times better than Vitamin E.  Thus it deter aging process and cancer cell formation.

Improve heart condition– Both green tea and white tea are able to raise the level of good cholesterol against the bad one.  Even after a heart attack, you can speed up the recovery by drink either or both of these tea.

Promote weight loss – with 2 mugs of green tea daily, it can help to burn away 3 to 7 KG per year.  You won’t grow overweight if you have a control diet, take your green tea and do your exercise regularly.

Protect Joint and Bone – the high fluoride content and some enzymes in the green and white tea help to protect the bone density from diminishing and block the bad enzymes from destroying the cartilage.

Protect from Diabetes – the polyphenols and polysaccharides in the tea will help to decrease blood sugar levels.

Besides the above, there are also many positive effect brain, lung, mouth, immune system and mental health as well.

When drinking tea, we need to hold back on the milk and sugar.  Else it will become a reverse impact to our health.

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