The Wonders of Coffee – Thanks to the Goat Which Help Us to Discover It

Worrying about caffeine addiction?  Or worrying about caffeine worsen your health?

Please read further.

Too much of anything will definitely impact on one’s health.  But with reasonable intake, coffee can be a good help for maintaining health.

There is a critical word, “moderate”.  Many researches from Internet state that we should drink no more than 4 cups of per day.  For a starter, we should begin from 1 cup per day 1st.  For old timers, if we just maintain 2 to 3 cups a day, we should not need to worry about the bad effect from caffeine.

There are many researches published in Internet talking about the benefits of coffee.  Although some may require further study, at least they have shown caffeine in the coffee is not a total evil.  Below is the list of summary:

  1. Caffeine can lower bad cholesterol
  2. It can also help to burn fat thus be more effective in losing weight and even improve physical performance.
  3. Moderate drinking of coffee can help reduce the risk of diabetes and even liver related diseases.
  4. Caffeine would increase blood pressure mildly but over time, this will diminish.  It will not increase the risk for heart attack but surprisingly able to reduce the chance of stroke.
  5. Beside caffeine, it contents some critical nutrients like vitamin B complex, magnesium, Manganese, Potassium, Pantothenic acid, riboflavin and niacin as well.
  6. Some studies shows that it can improve metabolic rate up to 3-11%
  7. Caffeine able to improve mood, energy levels and in many aspect of brain activities thus improve concentration and performance.
  8. Caffeine is also known to be able to greatly reduce the chance of having Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.
  9. Caffeine’s stimulant effect can reduce the chance of depression thus lower the risk of suicide.
  10. Coffee drinkers can further reduce their chances of getting liver and colorectal cancer, which are 3rd and 4th leading killers in worldwide cancer death.
  11. With all these effects, it overall helps in increase of the human life span.
  12. To western world, this is the best source of antioxidants.

Aside from the goodness of coffee, flavor of coffee will start to degrade immediately after it is roasted.  You may want to brew your coffee within half a month from the roasted date.

Also, it is better have coffee with or after meals especially for those who have gastric.  If you are taking it with beef, it will make it even tastier.

For drinkers with lactose intolerance, they can have coffee with various non-dairy creamers that will enrich the coffee taste.

Also, for those who are on medication for their high blood pressure and heart issue, do consult doctors for their caffeine intake.  That means it is not only coffee, other drinks like energy or sport drinks, certain types of tea, soft drinks may carry some amount of caffeine as well.

The effect on some of these medicine may be impacted by caffeine.  Thus they may need have to take the coffee hours later after the medicine or further reduce their caffeine intake.