Tomato – Fruit or Vegetable?

Still wondering what it is?  It doesn’t matter.  As long as it is very nutritious and gives us bundles of benefits.

Tomato is packed with many types of vitamins include A, B1, B3, B6, B5, B7, E, even K, also comes with high volume of vitamin C; minerals include iron, magnesium, chromium, potassium, choline, zinc, phosphorus; and other crucial nutrients include flavonoids – another antioxidant, folate, lycopene, and many more.  All these goodness whether by themselves or by combination improve our health and lead us to a much better physical condition.

The top 20 benefits from tomato are:

  1. Lower risk of heart disease – a research done by Tufts and Boston University, there will be about 30% of risk reduction heart related diseases.
  2. Reduce damage from smoking, including 2nd hand smoking – chloragenic acid and coumaric acid in tomatoes will protect our body from cancerous elements in the cigarette smoke.
  3. Good natural flavor enhance – many chef add tomatoes into many dishes to make them tastier.  Cooked tomato is also more nutritious as lycopene content increases.
  4. Protect us from neurodegenerative diseases – tomato has much more phytonutrients compare to other fruits and vegetable.  These nutrients are essential to protect us from neurodegenerative diseases.
  5. Improve digestion system – when mix other spinach juice, it is very effective in improving our digestive system including liver.
  6. prevent constipation.
  7. Protect skin against sun light and reduce wrinkles – besides for heart, lycopene is also for protecting our skin from the sun.  There were researches done by the universities in Manchester and Newcastle, for those who has taken enough lycopene, they are 33% less chance of getting sunburn.
  8. Lower the side effect from statin drugs – for those who need to take statin drags, they are advised to take more tomato juice daily to lower its side effect.
  9. Prevent stone formation in kidney and gall bladder
  10. Promote healthier hair – the vitamin K in it is essential for healthy hair.
  11. Maintain stronger bone
  12. Boost immune system
  13. Reduce risk from blood clotting
  14. Speed up fat burning
  15. protect eye sight and reduce risks of degenerative eye diseases
  16. prevent stroke
  17. restore biochemical balance from diabetic condition
  18. reduce risk from prostate cancer
  19. lower risk from breast cancer
  20. slow down aging process

The plant can be easily grown in a small backyard or even a medium size flower pot.  Besides eating raw, it can be make as juice, salad, or cooked with other dishes.

Cooked tomato is better although some amount of vitamins have been destroyed, some other nutrients have been released and make it much easier to be absorbed by the body.

In fact, tomato is a fruit, botanically.  Though on 10th of May, 1893, US Supreme Court has ruled that tomato is a vegetable, because it was served with dinner like other vegetables, not dessert.  Thus, importer needs not pay tax for importing tomato.

When we select juices from supermarket, we will need to consider the origin of the raw fruits.  Some countries may have a lower restriction on pesticide compare to US and Europe.  We will need to choose wisely.