Water – the Source of Life

Do you know even if we don’t exercise, we still need to drink at least 2 liters of water?  For those who exercise regularly, especially in long duration, like marathon, triathlon, they can easily double the figure.

As we all know, 70% of our body is in fact water.  We need to ensure we stay hydrated, else, we will be weaken immediately.  In long run, it will also have grave impact to our health and even shorten our life span.

Out of all available water in the market, the most suitable water is the mineral water.  It is much better than boiled tap water, reverse osmosis water; not to mention the evil canned or bottled carbonated sugary flavored drinks and alcohol.

By definition, it is considered as mineral water when there are more than 250 parts per million of mineral substance in it.

There are many goodness in mineral water.  Minerals in water contribute 20 to 30% of all our daily mineral intake.  Thus, it is vital that we take good quality to sustain our health.

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There are many minerals in absorbable ion form that are vital to our health

  1. Calcium – it is vital for out bone, teeth and body as a whole
  2. Iron – the main component for our body to build red blood cell
  3. Magnesium
  4. Silicon – said to be able extract aluminum out from our body which is a neurotoxin that linked to Alzheimer’s disease
  5. Sodium
  6. Folic acid
  7. Bicarbonates and many others

Some of these combine together will have further positive effect on

  1. Lower blood pressure
  2. Reduce LDL cholesterol
  3. Help digestion
  4. Maintain muscle performance and reduce chance of muscle cramp
  5. Maintain body electrolyte balance
  6. Reduce risk of kidney stone
  7. Improve skin complexion
  8. Improve body detoxification process
  9. Pain relieve that associated with arthritis and rheumatism
  10. Normalize the body’s acid and alkaline balance

There are some precaution on taking mineral water:

  1. Only give to babies who are 2 years and above, by then their kidneys are mature enough to handle the minerals.  Also, it has to gradually increase from a small cup to about 20% of total plain boiled filtered tap water intake.  NOT total replacement of the boiled filtered tap water.
  2. Some brands of mineral water contain very high quantities of sodium.  It will have negative impact for those who have high blood pressure.
  3. As some pregnant mothers may prone to high blood pressure or other complication, they should just take normal boiled tap filtered water rather than mineral water
  4. Consider sparkling(carbonated) mineral water rather than just normal mineral water.  Some mineral water is carbonated naturally.  If not, carbon dioxide will be added into the natural mineral water.  Besides having a cooling effect on our body, it also helps to kill variety of virus and bacteria.

There are many good choices of mineral water in the market, do select carefully, for your health.